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At All About Comfort HVAC, we are continually striving to find new energy saving products that can help ease the burden of the heating or a/c seasons.

Recently, we have found the Intellidyne product line. Intellidyne products immediately reduce energy consumption by HVAC and refrigeration systems by as much as 30 percent. Intellidyne products work with new and existing systems whether it is a boiler or furnace, or a/c system; are easily and non-invasively installed; won’t violate manufacturer’s warranties; and are totally maintenance free. We have installed many of the HW+, and our customers have reported an average savings of 28%.

And if you need a new propane boiler, we offer a full range of Baxi condensing and standard efficiency wallhung boilers, water heaters, and solar heating systems. From 86 to 98% efficient, the fully modulating Baxi boiler can heat a home from 600 to 6000 sq ft. Baxi boilers are propane fired and can cut fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 59%. Baxi boilers are CSA approved, Energy Star rated, and ASME H-Stamp certified. So if you are looking for an energy efficient, reliable boiler, then Baxi is the answer. 

And if you need a new oil boiler, we offer the Viessman boiler. The high-quality construction and innovative oil heating technology of this boiler provides a high level of operational reliability, high-efficiency operation and reduced emissions. Get the most out of your fuel dollar! Maximum heat extraction with triple-pass design, with an A.F.U.E. of up to 86.9%.



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