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Heating Services

Oil Burner Service:

Replace filters, nozzle, and pump strainer
Clean and adjust burner head
Clean and adjust burner electrodes
Clean and adjust fuel pump
Vacuum boiler flue passages
Vacuum smoke pipe from boiler to chimney
Perform combustion efficiency test to ensure maximum efficiency

Gas Service:

Clean and adjust burners
Check all safety controls
Check gas pressures at gas valve
Check flue and chimney for draft
Check ignition system
Check relays and controls

Furnace Service:

Services above plus;
Oil blower motor
Check and adjust blower belt
Replace air filter
Check temperature rise for proper air flow

Air Conditioning Services



Clean Condenser coil

Clean Evaporator coil

Clean condensate drain

Replace air filter

Check contactor for wear

Check amp draw on Condenser motor

Check system for proper air flow

Check for proper refrigerant charge

Oil blower motor 





Be ready for the heat, get your a/c service in the spring !


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